"Running Lights" is the band’s debut album, spraying many colors and styles with music and lyrics going for very visual and moody statements!
    Beautiful melodies and hooks surrounded by a strong harmonic foundation, atmospheric guitars and keys elevated by a warm and emocional lead vocal!!
    The lyrics of the songs change scopes between the worries and joys of individual and collective worlds, with a desire for simplicity and hope!

  • coiote


    debut single released July 2020

Debut Single

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    July 24, 2020
  1. coiote

About us

Coiote is an eclectic band with broad influences where Folk, Rock, Blues and Soul mingle forming their own particular sound. Using this wide angle of musical sensibilities from where the songs are born they paint them with sounds and words in a very cinematic vein making it easy to travel as one listens. There are five member in the band. On vocals Daniela Elias, rhythm guitar and backing vocals by João Jerónimo, Nelson Duque lead guitar, on bass Filipe Fernandes and Duarte Rosa on Drums.

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